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Money Clip Multi-Tool Set of Two

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Money Clip
Part Number: CASHCLIP-SL-2PK
Availability: Available Soon!
Money Clip Multi-Tool Set of Two

Crafted for convenience, this multi-tool money clip keeps the useful gadgets you always need but can never find in one compact product that fits right in your back pocket. And with this set of two, you can stash one in your car, office, or share this with a friend.

  • Includes two 9-in-1 multi-tools
  • 9 different tools include: money clip, mini wrench, 10 position nut wrench, butterfly wrench, flathead screwdriver, spoke wrench, ruler, bottle opener, and pry
  • Stainless steel construction with silver tone finish
  • Approximate measurements: 3" W x 1 7/8" L

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