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DoomBox - Enclosed Mouse Trap

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DoomBox - Enclosed Mouse Trap
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  • ? PATENTED CLICK-IT CLOSURE Made of a durable and clear, high-impact resin, DoomBox features patented Click-it Closure Technology, a simple, yet ingenious closure system that makes it extremely easy for adults to access, but difficult, if not impossible, for young children and pets to get into. Click-it Closure Technology, and the Clamtainer, as it is known, is revolutionizing the packaging industry because of secure and reliable performance and it’s a key feature on DoomBox.
  • ? LETS YOU SEEIN, KEEPS KIDS & PETS OUT DoomBox’s clear, See-it-All construction allows you to easily see inside to instantly check the trap and bait without having to enter the enclosure. The container itself keeps the trap (and mice) away from both pets and kids at play, so they don’t get snapped, nor are they subjected to the dirty, disease-carrying rodents.
  • ? RESUSABLE OR DISPOSABLE DoomBox is designed to be reusable, but is inexpensive enough that, if you really don't want to deal with the dead mouse, you can dispose of the whole works. It keeps trapped mice contained so its cleaner than traditional traps & human, too!
  • ? NO MORE MICE DRAGGING AWAY YOUR TRAP The DoomBox also eliminates runaway mice. If you’ve trapped mice, you’ve no doubt encountered a mouse that makes off with a trap. The mouse will eventually die, but you are left to track it down with the possibility of finding a half-dead mouse. Or, waiting until it rots, at which time you track it by smell. This cannot happen with DoomBox.
  • ? Assembled in the USA

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