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Fold-A-Bowl - Portable Pet Water Bottle and Bowl

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Fold-A-Bowl - Portable Pet Water Bottle and Bowl
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Keep your dog hydrated on walks of any length with the Fold-A-Bowl Pet water Bottle. A 24-ounce stainless steel bottle keeps fluids cool and includes a useful wrist strap that allows you to both hold the bottle and a leash. A food-grade silicon cover folds up to create a water bowl  simply open the push button closure and poor water directly into the bowl! The closure can be snapped shut, allowing you to hydrate your dog multiple times per walk. The conveniently integrated bowl allows you to only carry the bottle and ensure water won't be spilled or wasted. Available in green, blue, orange, and pink, the Fold-A-Bowl is the perfect companion for any dog walk.


  • Dual water bottle and pet water bowl.
  • Water bottle made of stainless steel to keep liquids cool longer.
  • Holds 24-ounces of liquid.
  • Removable, foldable, silicone water bowl for easy cleaning.
  • Push button open and closure to control water flow.
  • Easy grip wrist strap.
  • Measures approximately 9"x 3".

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