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"You can see it in the products we make. The power we create. The people we help. Today, our legacy lives on with technology that is transforming the human experience."

130 Years Of History

It all started in 1886, when the Westinghouse Electric Company was founded by George Westinghouse with collaborative help from Nikola Tesla.

Diverse Products

Westinghouse offers a range of batteries, charging stations, portable lighting, and other electrical accessories and products.

A Wide Reach

Although started in America, Westinghouse is a global company that introduces products to regions around the world.


"Strive to provide top quality battery and innovative power solutions for home and personal devices."

Since 1997

Since 1997, Camelion has been specializing in the R&D, manufacturing, and marketing of sustainable and environmentally friendly energy solutions.

Quality Products

Camelion product lines include both primary and rechargeable batteries, battery chargers, portable lighting, and other power supplies.

Worldwide Distribution

With over 45 distributors, Camelion is now operating in over 120 countries and regions worldwide.

IP Power

"Products where quality & value combine because our customers come first."

Quality & Value

IP Power works with their customers to give the best prices on their products while maintaining their emphasis on providing quality products.

Batteries For All

From sealed lead acid and motorsport batteries to sub c and specialty cells, IP Power has batteries for the needs of a diverse consumer demographic.

Authentic Goals

As IP Power grows, they stay committed to the small town ideals of providing personable, empathetic service to all their customers.


"Pride in the ability to produce imaginative and unique products you'll want to use every day backed by service you can count on."

An Imaginative Company

Flipo carries an innovative nature to produce unique and creative products for everyday life.

Practical & Fun Products

Flipo carries a versatile portfolio of products such as toys, personal safety items, holiday decor, portable lighting, and more!

Based in the USA

Flipo is located in the middle of the US, right between two interstates, insuring that orders are always shipped out in quickly and efficiently.

Pacific Accents

"Elegant and sophisticated, Pacific Accents creations add an atmosphere of warmth and serenity to any environment."

Versatile Products

Pacific Accents products reduce smoke residue, wax build up. fire hazards, and have candles that are for indoor or outdoor use.

Elegant & Safe

Pacific Accents has a variety of flameless candle sizes and types along with candle holders.

Global Ambitions

Pacific Accents has a worldwide reach with many customers from the US, UK, and Australia.

It's A Jam Shame

"These original recipes were created out of fun and fond memories, that awaken your taste buds in way that will bring you back. When it is gone, you will be craving more."

A Love in 1990

The Chef of It's A Jam Shame starts his first job at an Italian Restaurant in New Jersey, inspiring his products and recipes.

Tasty, Tasty, Tasty

With their catalog growing, It's A Jam Shame now has over twenty-five jams, two salsas, bruschetta, two salad dressings and our number one seller The Greatest Steak™.

Based On Memories

The original recipes of it's A Jam Shame were created out of fun and fond memories, that awaken your taste buds in way that will bring you back. and when it is gone you will be craving more.