Customizable Energy Center Floor Display

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Customizable Energy Center Floor Display


Comer Creations Foldable Floor Display provides you with ample space to showcase a selection of your products. The display is great to go back-to-back as a centerpiece or alone as an end cap. The handcrafted display will drive awareness to your products, allowing customers to find what they need with ease. Set up is breeze just unload from pallet unfold the display and engage the two locks. This Display comes to you at no cost other then the items on it! We provide the #1 sellers and you pick 10 to 15 display items or toys for the shelves and 7-10 different flashlights side pegs. 

Display Value: $375

Estimated Product Cost: $1100 in selected products $500-$700 Self Selected Products.

Main Features

  • Hand-crafted pine fixture
  • Designed for functionality, durability, easy shipping & storage.
  • Easy-Installation- unfold and engage two locks.
  • Showcase your items on front peg board, two pegs sectioned on each side designed for blister packaging & three bottom shelves designed for counter displays.
  • Ideal for retain stores, boutiques, gift shops, and more.


  • Display Measurements: 54" L x 18" W x 71" H (standing), 54" L x 32" W x 32" H ( folded)
  • Front Peg: Display 40-45 hangable items, 38.5" L x 38.5"  H
  • Left Peg: Display up to 10 hangable items.
  • Top Shelve: hold up to 10 items,  39"L x 11" W x 9" H
  • Middle Shelve: hold up to 10 items, 39"'L x 11" W x 10.5" H
  • Bottom Shelve: hold up to 10 items, 39" L x 11" W 10.5"H
  • Includes: Main pegboard: Camelion: 4-2 bank AA/AAA Wall Charger - 2 overnight AA/AAA/9V wall charger Alkaline: 12-4pk - AA, 12-4pk - AAA, 12-1pk - 9V, 6-2pk - C, 6-2pk - D. Super Heavy Duty 12-4pk - AA, 12-4pk - AAA, 12-1pk 9V, 6-2pk - C, 6-2pk - D.  Rechargeable 12 - 4pk 2700 AA, 12 4pk- 1000mAh AAA, 12-1pk - 250mAh 9V, 6-2pk -3500mAh C, 6-2pk - 10000mAh D, Specialty: 20-2pk - AG0, AG4. AG6, AG13, 20-1pk CR2016, CR2032, CR2025, CR2450, CR123A, CR2, CRP2, A23, 10-6pk A675, A10, A13, A312, 18650, Westinghouse: Alkaline: 12-4pk - AA, 12-4pk - AAA, 12-1pk - 9V, 6-2pk - C, 6-2pk - D, Rechargeable: 12-4pk - AAA 350mAh, 12-4pk - AAA 800mAh, 12-4pk - AA 2400mAh, 12-4pk - lithium 500mAh, 12-4pk lithium 1000mAh Top shelf: Westinghouse: Alkaline:12-24pk AA, 12-24pk AAA, 6-6pk C, 6-6pk D, 6-6pk 9V, 16-36pk AA,  16-36pk AAA, Right-side Pegs: Phone Cords 4-6' Type-C, 4-6' micro USB, 4-6' Lightning iPhone,  5-dual USB wall charger, 3-2.4amp USB Wall charger 3-mobile power bank w/ fan
  • You choose 10 - 15 items for the two shelves and 7-15 items for the sides. 

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