Flipo FP208 Digital Battery Tester, for Automobiles & Motorsport Batteries, 100-2000CCA

SKU: FP208

Product Information

The Flipo FP208 12V battery tester is able to effectively analyze and read important data such as voltage, internal resistance, cold-cranking, battery health, and charge status.

Beginner or expert, this car battery diagnostic tester can be used with a wide selection of 12V, 100-2000CCA regular flooded batteries, AGM flat plate, AGM Spiral, and well as GEL batteries

  • 12V Battery Tester with Cranking and Charging System, load and Alternator Test
  • Fast and Accurate Results
  • Multiple Ways to Test: Inside or Outside the Vehicle
  • Test Multiple Types of Batteries: 100 - 2000CCA
  • Great for Cars, Boats, Trucks, Motorcycles & ATVs. 
  • Easy to Operate with Light-Up LCS screen
  • Item dimensions: 3.6" x 1.1" x 5.9"
  • Item Weight: 0.50LB
Case Qty: 80pcs
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