Grip Guard - Touch Protector Kit

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Grip Guard - Touch Protector Kit
Grip Guard is the touchless multi-functional protector that allows you to avoid direct contact with germs on various high touch public surfaces throughout your day. Lightweight (only 65 grams/2.3oz). Extremely functional. Guards against germ-ridden surfaces and cross-contamination. it works on doorknobs and handles, faucets and levers, touchpads, digital screens, and more, serving as a barrier to exposure.

  • Sturdy plastic case
  • Soft silicone interior that contours to your fingers and allows you to easily grip onto surfaces
  • Locking slider to keep your Grip Guard closed and its contact surfaces covered when not being used
  • Self-adjusting finger holders
  • Retractable conductive stylus that locks in place, with its tip shielded when stored
  • Easy to take with you, just clip to secure Grip Guard onto a purse, belt, pant loop, backpack etc
  • Latex and BPA free

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