Solare 3D Virtual Flame Candles with Color-Hue Technology


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FLA-SOL3D-3 x 5, 3 x 7 and 3 x 9 Solare 3D Flameless Candle with Color-Hue Technology

Currently Sold Out Of Ivory 3.5x7", Chocolate 3.5x5", Cranberry 3.5x7", And Cranberry 3.5x5"
Solare 3D Moving Flame Candles from Pacific Accents by Flipo are the world's most realistic flameless candles. They are the perfect blend of beauty and technology.

3D Flame Technology
Unlike other flameless candles that utilize a flat simulated flame that is illuminated from the outside or a stationary bulb, the simulated flame of a Solare 3D virtual flame candle is 3 dimensional and is illuminated from within. The result is a flame that can be viewed from any angle giving you unlimited decorating possibilities.

Color Hue Technology
The multi-color 3D flame is the next step in the evolution in flameless candles. Illuminated from within, the flame mimics the appearance of a real flame subtly changing in hue and intensity.

Random Flicker Technology
In addition to the realistic shape and color variations of a real candle flame, Solare 3D virtual flame candles mimic the flicker and movement of real fire. The flame randomly moves as if being blown by a soft breeze and at times even stops moving while at the same time maintaining the realism and color of the flame.
  • 3D Virtual Flame with Color Hue Technology
  • Viewable From All Angles - Unlimited Decorating Possibilities
  • Available in Ivory, Red and Chocolate
  • Integrated Daily 4 or 8 Hour Timer
  • Up to 400 Hours of Glow Time
  • Uses 2 Alkaline C Batteries
  • Available in 3 1/2 x 5, 3 1/2 x7 and 3 1/2 x 9 inch sizes
  • 3x5 Ivory UPC: 768824445376
  • 3x7 Ivory UPC: 768824445406
  • 3x9 Ivory UPC: 768824445437
  • 3x5 Cranberry UPC: 768824445383
  • 3x7 Cranberry UPC: 768824445413
  • 3x9 Cranberry UPC: 768824445444
  • 3x5 Chocolate UPC: 768824445390 
  • 3x7 Chocolate UPC: 768824445420
  • 3x9 Chocolate UPC: 768824445451
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